Our Vision

[1] For us to be able to declare ourselves as murtad and not afraid of it. To do a reversal with this word murtad, making it not offensive anymore but something we can be proud of.

[2] To meet often providing moral, psychological and whatever support for those in need.

[3] To see the Malays in Singapore, be it Malay Hindus, Malay Christians, Malay Buddhist, Malay humanist, etc to stand at the same platform. To remove this Malay=Muslim tag. If you read in the papers or most media, anything good and outstanding it will be Malay/Muslim. Ordinary stuff becomes just Malay. Why is that so?

Mission Statement

To provide a safe environment for apostates to meet like minded people who have battled with the idea of leaving the faith while promoting freedom from religion and freedom of speech to engage in debates and discussions about secularism and religious affairs.